Yoga Fest Spring 2019

Our first annual 2019 Revival Yoga Fest was a huge success thanks to the amazing vendors, students, teachers, and supportive community.

We are so thankful for the amazing and unique vendors who came and set up at the Fest. It would not have been the same without them.

Stay tuned for dates and information about our 2020 Revival Yoga Fest!

Yoga Fest 2019 Pricing

All Day Passes

  • ALl day yoga fest classes, all day cycle classes + fest tank - $79.00

  • All day yoga fest classes + fest tank - $75.00

  • all day yoga fest classes + all day cycle classes - $65.00

  • All day yoga fest classes - $60.00

Single Class Passes

  • Single yoga fest class + single cycle class - $26.00

  • Single yoga fest class - $20.00

*Cycle classes will be held at Revival Cycle Studio.

*Aerial classes will be held at Revival Yoga Studio.

Yoga Fest 2019 Class Descriptions

26 Fusion - Crown Chakra + Oils

Nicole's 26 Fusion series has led up to the final chakra - the crown chakra. Join her as she leads you through opening and connecting to your higher self.

Achievement Ashtanga

Achievement Ashtanga will introduce new and exciting ways to flow! Hit those difficult poses you’ve always wanted to achieve. 

Acro Journey

Beginner friendly! Jenny and Leigh will teach you how to flow in acro yoga, using a partner as a prop through your poses!

Acro Journey Pt. 2

Learn how to create different poses with another person as your prop! This is a level 2 acro workshop. Acro 1 will be available in the morning!

Aerial Inversions

Be guided in fun postures and poses in the silks! Located at the yoga studio, you’ll fly upside down using aerial hammocks.

Bend it Back to Honor Your heart

Learn poses that will open and stretch your back muscles, while opening the heart chakra. Practice love and patience for yourself during this class.

Bind to unwind

Learn postures that help you get into deeper binds of your favorite yoga poses. 

Blackout Yoga

Challenge your mind and try something different. Join Liz as she takes you through a blackout class...aka...blindfolded. 

breath and Core Progression with oils

Blast your core while maintaining that yogi breath. Caley will introduce oils into your core yoga practice. 

Breathe Into Relaxation

Close your eyes and be guided into relaxation.

Chakra Postures

Work with Kitty as she takes you through postures that open up and target each chakra in your body. 

Doga Flow

Yes, this fest is DOG FRIENDLY! Bring your pups and learn how to flow with them. This will be a whole new connection between you and your furry blessing.

Flow and tone -Booty Yoga-

Find a beautiful Vinyasa Flow that will focus on strength and building that booty! A play on Buti yoga, Caley will have you sweating and having fun all at the same time!

Head to Heart - Nidra + a journal

Relax and meditate, then journal it out. This is a very important piece of self-growth and love. Find yourself in the silence. 

Inversion Workshop

Work with Nicole on all the cool and interesting inversion poses you dream of! 

Kids Aerial

Bring your kids to the Fest!! Aerial yoga will be taken place at our yoga studio. Kids will play and learn how to flow in the aerial silks. 

Kids Yoga

Bring your kids to the Fest! Join Cassidy as she leads a fun and innovative kids yoga class. 


Kundalini is all about breath to movement, like Vinyasa. However, it brings an introduction to primal movements and diverse postures than you would find in a Vinyasa flow. This class works up your chakras to produce a calmer and more brilliant you.

Live DJ Flow

Go on a sound journey as Jenny leads you through a difficult and fun flow with a live DJ.

Live Music vinyasa flow

Take a wonderful and freeing flow with live music as the accompaniment.

mini yinyasa with oil infused cloths

50 part yoga and 50 part yin.

Go through a flow to warm up your body and then slow it down with deep stretching and relaxation, followed by cool lemon-lavender cloths. 

nature’s rhythmic flow

Connect to the space in which we came--connect to the world around you. Flow with sound bowls.

New Beginnings flow

Join Jessie as she leads you through a beginner's yoga class that involves new beginnings everywhere: life, intention, weather, etc. Find peace in this space. 

new moon nidra

May 5 we will have the New Moon so be guided into a moon meditation.

open your front body solar plexus chakra work

Focus on your solar plexus chakra and empower yourself while strengthening your motivation and confidence. 

Playtime aerial

Aerial is meant to be fun, so find fun and enjoy the silks! This is your time to experiment and play. 

Practicing the art of self-compassion flow

Wherever you are in your practice, this flow will serve you. Liz will focus on poses that help you find that self-compassion that is sometimes forgotten about in our society. 

primal flow

Awaken your intuition through movement and breath. Jenny will guide you through a grounding, authentic flow connecting back to your inner guidance. 

Reiki healing circle

Reiki is healing energy. Nicole Ryback will guide a healing circle that will pull energies from the communal circle. 

Sip & Flow

Join Adrean as he guides you through a flow incorporating margaritas. 

Sound bath finale

End the Fest the right way-join Megan and she leads you through a relaxation sound bath. 

strength on and off your mat

Target muscle groups that will help you in yoga and in the world too.

strong yogis

No matter the level you're at, strengthen up your body. Flow into postures that have you building your muscles.

Sunshine slow flow/Restorative

Whether or not the sun is shining, this class will awaken the sun in your soul and heart. Slowly move through different postures and deeply relax your body and mind. Beginner class. 

turning yinward

Learn the deep stretches of yoga. Beginner friendly and encouraged. 

welcome morning meditation

Join our opening class that will welcome all into the fest with gratitude and breath! Welcome to all levels.