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Investment $40

Running from one thing to the next, almost always multitasking, and overstimulated. Choose to slow down and invest in your best self.

Join Caitlin for a more than mellow, restorative yoga practice. Throughout this 90 minute traditional format, Caitlin will take you through a full body sequence for a complete body, mind, and spirit experience. With the addition of mindful, hands on adjustments and light massage to enhance your mind body connection.

Restorative is exactly as it sounds - it restores your body. Restorative encourages your body back into a healthful, uninjured state - we can call this your neutral body. Restorative yoga uses a number of props to support the surrender and physical body softness holding the pose anywhere from 5-8 minutes.

Restorative yoga is an amazing way to increase or maintain your flexibility and range in motion as it is focused around the major joints and tapping into a calmer nervous system - again your neutral body. Restorative is absolutely suitable for all levels and newcomers - encouraging breath and body awareness along with releasing fascia of the body.

This practice gently heals each layer of your body that's in need of healing.

May 12

2:00 - 3:30

Please Bring
Comfy Clothes

Register in the studio or online at Mindbody


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