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Mindful Breath in Silks (Ages 9-14)

Mindful breath is done when we are aware and in control of our breath, known as Pranayama. It is a powerful tool for developing mental peace, harmony and clarity. 

This workshop will be an encouraging atmosphere where your child will gain the knowledge on how to use mindful breath in high stress situations. It will also be a fun, interactive and integrative class that will introduce kids to aerial yoga including yoga poses, tricks, inversions, mindfulness, breath work and relaxation. 

The aerial silk is the perfect tool for developing courage, freedom and creativity while also providing support, safety and relaxation. Kids with ADD, ADHD or anxiety can benefit greatly from this practice as it calms their nervous system and provides them with a safe space to connect with themselves and others. 

The cocoon savasana is a wonderful way to help kids regulate their energy and become aware of their ability to relax, connect with their breath and calm / focus their minds.

This workshop will be led by Megan Doyle. Megan is a mother of 3, LMT, 200 RYT, Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher and a Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher. 

April 8
2:00 - 4:00

Cost - $45

Ages. 9-14

Please sign up online or in the studio.