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The Art of a Backbend and Forward Bending


: The Art of a Backbend and Forward Bending w/ Victoria - 2 Day Series :

This 2 part series gives us the chance to approach and practice all types of back & forward bend postures mindfully. 

Learn to listen to your body trusting your own unique spine . 

We focus on warming the spine and finding range of motion with proper technique & breath work to increase flexion, Extention and rotation of the spine. 

Our bodies are designed to go back ward it's mostly the forward bend in life that kills us.  

A healthy backbend and forward bend will tone abdominal muscles, strengthen back muscles and increase healthy range of motion.  Backbends are absolutely invigorating. 

This workshop is a  mini trip to the fountain of youth. You will feel youthful playful and fearless after learning to love the spine you have without limitations. 

Come as you are all students are welcome.


Saturday March 11th 2pm -4pm + March 18th 2pm-4pm

Please Bring: Mat, Water, Towel

Investment: $55


Later Event: March 20
Spring Equinox 108