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Bind to Unwind w/ Eva Diaz

Bind to Unwind


We will explore various twists to help us get into binds. 


Binds and twists often go together in a yoga practice.

Binds can be challenging, but also very humbling. They open our hearts, massage our organs, and aid in digestion. They can also teach us how to tame our ego and find mental balance between strength and ease while in a bind. 


Although bound variations feel easier than unbound variations, we often don't explore them, but binds can be very rewarding and extremely energizing! They physically deepen and open up the pose and its effects, therefore maximizing its benefits. 


Binds help us bring our focus inward, listen to our bodies and trust enough to let go of the expectations, judgement and the Ego. 

And that's what our yoga journey is all about. Facing and Overcoming challenges with equanimity. 


Some binding postures we will explore: 

Bound extended side angle

Bound half moon pose

Bird of paradise pose 

Bound revolved side angle

Bound revolved half moon pose 

Standing half bound lotus 

Intense pigeon twist with a bind 

Sunday February 19th



Investment: $30


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