Went to a girl's night aerial yoga class and one of the best experiences I've had in awhile. Very supportive and uplifting. Can't wait to go back. - Ashley L.


I enjoy all the classes here. Yesterday did beginners yoga with Jessie to work through a few injuries. Well taught class with clear instructions and modifications of poses for those looking for a challenge as well as those new to the practice. There's a class for everyone. Always warm and open, always positive and light, it's where I find my center! - Rita H.


Megan and her amazing yoga staff provided the most motivating and energizing Glowga/Aerial Yoga class for my girl scout troop! Megan gave a super girl power uplifting self esteem meditation. Then the girls were empowered to try all kids of poses! So proud! Best night ever! - Patricia P.


LOVE this place!! Best groupon I've ever bought! -Nicole W


The instructors are great! There are classes for all kinds of levels and interests! I get such an amazing workout here, and in almost all of the classes they break down a different pose to fix alignment and make sure you are doing it right!          -Laurie H


Staff very friendly and restorative class was amazing. Very relaxing and will definitely be attending again. -Lisa A.


I genuinely loved it. I took the heated vinyasa flow class as my first one. It's a very peaceful loving atmosphere. For the first time I wasn't stressing about everything that's going on in my life and was able to just relax and enjoy the moment. I don't think I've ever sweated so much! -Victoria P


Love it! Got my sweat on! I'm 50 years old and trying to get back in shape. Very peaceful and calming. Great for your core and balance. -Deborah M


To put it simply.....Revival Yoga Studio is perfect. I would go every single day if I had the time. The instructors - ambiance - the smell - the way it's decorated - how clean it is. Love love love it. -Marie C.


Love the variety of levels available. Love the variety of schedule. If I can't make it in the morning I can still make an evening class. -Michelle L.


Revival is the best yoga studio I've been to. - Steve K.


The staff and members are all warm and welcoming. The Yin class was wonderful and I am looking forward to my next class. This is just what I needed. - Kathi Z.


Super fun and friendly place! Very warm welcoming environment and super willing to accommodate all levels. - Norma M.